Anna Marie, Alumni of Newport Academy

Anna Marie, an alumni of Newport Academy, finds solace and focus in drawing. She finds that her artistic capacities help her feel safe and calm. At Newport Academy, we offer several experiential therapies, including Art Therapy. As well as Art Therapy, teens can find other creative and experiential therapies, such as:

• Yoga

• Equine Therapy

• Fitness Activity

• Music Therapy

• Adventure Therapy

• Horticulture

• Martial Arts Group

• Culinary Arts

• Community Service

• Photography Arts.

Creative arts therapies—including music and visual art interventions—are proven to be effective for teens. They go beyond words. Furthermore, they go beyond the rational mind, tapping into our most authentic self. According to researcher Shirley Riley, “Adolescents, in particular, are attracted to making symbols and graphic depictions. Therefore, they are more attracted to using art as language than to verbal questioning.” For this reason, art therapy can be a strong combatant to teen depression and teen trauma. In addition to providing a creative outlet for Anna Marie, Newport Academy also helped shape her relationship with her mother and confront her feelings instead of ignoring them. The team at Newport Academy allowed Anna Marie to feel that she was in a safe environment where she could acknowledge and heal the root causes of her behaviors. “I had been in different types of treatment before, but Newport Academy was nothing like those. It was like a home, where I could see myself spending time and improving myself.”

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