Sara, Alumni of Newport Academy

For Sara, life was dark and grey during the times when she was struggling with substance abuse. At Newport Academy, she was able to find a community that helped her recover in a safe space. Her time at Newport Academy worked for her because she never felt alone and her treatment was personalized to her needs. Newport Academy provided an environment where she was able to improve her mental health with the appropriate resources, such as equine-assisted therapy.

Sara was able to work with Shelby Wood, Newport Academy’s Equine Facilitated Psychotherapist, who helped her recover through equine-assisted therapy. Sara had previously expressed feelings of anxiety when placed in one-on-one talk therapy situations, whereas working with horses allowed her to open up in an alternative environment. Horses can act as a conduit to self-expression due to their immediate emotional response to teenagers. Shelby also played a strong role in Sara’s recovery due to her attentiveness and personalized care for Sara’s needs.

Upon Sara’s recovery, she experiences her life as much more colorful than it had been previously, during her bouts with substance abuse. Now she has established healthy relationships with her family and friends and her feelings of being “stuck” have dissipated. Sara feels that, because she chose to recover, she is now able to do the things she wants to be doing with more focus. Newport Academy provides many different options for mental health treatment and recovery.

Christine Dunay
about 2 years agoSeptember 4, 2020
Thank you for sharing your story Sara. I am looking into New Port for my 13 year old daughter with emotional issues. 
Thank you!
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