Teen Treatment: Jamison Monroe Jr, Founder & CEO of Newport Academy


A leader in the field of teen mental health treatment, Jamison Monroe Jr. brings years of both professional and personal recovery experience to his role as Founder and CEO of Newport Academy.

Jamison cares deeply about teens and their families facing mental health challenges, and is dedicated to providing the highest-quality treatment. As a result, he has become a prominent voice in the field of teen mental health treatment, and an active participant in the movement to reduce the stigma around mental health and substance abuse challenges.

When adolescents arrive at Newport Academy, they are typically struggling with insecurity and low self-esteem. Our approach to teen mental health treatment is to address the core issues that cause depression, teen anxiety, and self-destructive behaviors. When we look past behaviors influenced by teenage drug abuse and/or mental health struggles, we are able to see the underlying catalysts driving behavior. We guide our teens through their struggles and help them find a path to self-acceptance and healthy living.

“We set out to build Newport Academy as a comprehensive treatment alternative to teen rehabilitation. Therefore, our approach addresses the ‘why,’ not just the ‘what.’ In addition, our treatment programs focus on each teen’s unique DNA, history, temperament, and constitution, providing an integrated approach. Consequently, this balances their psychological, biological, social, educational, and spiritual needs. It is our mission to continue to provide the most comprehensive, impactful treatment. Hence, we enable young people to move out of the darkness and into the light, into happy, fulfilling lives.” —Jamison Monroe Jr.

At Newport Academy, we are dedicated to long-term, sustainable healing to guarantee the success of our clients. Therefore, we monitor 15 different treatment goals concerning family, academics, and behavior. Read more about our outcomes.

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