Recovery Lifestyle: Aja Chavez, Recovery Counselor and Girls Program Coordinator

Our compassionate recovery lifestyle is rooted in the development of a strong sense of self-love coupled with self-acceptance. This especially ensures a lifelong commitment to personal recovery. Aja Chavez, Recovery Counselor and Girls Program Coordinator, guides Newport Academy teen girls on their path of recovery.

The Newport Academy recovery lifestyle approach establishes a foundation for recovery through 12-Step meetings and the 12-Step philosophy. The 12-Step approach to internal growth and spiritual healing is one of our foundational modalities. Moreover, residents work with licensed alcohol and drug counselors in individual and group sessions to address their specific needs.

Recovery lifestyle work certainly aids the establishment of internal connection, self-awareness, and accountability. Aja Chavez models a passion and commitment to recovery through her work at Newport Academy.

In Aja’s words, “I love getting up and going to work every day, working with the most loving, dedicated, and compassionate team towards a common goal. Kids and families come in lost, hopeless, brokenhearted, and scared. Newport Academy welcomes them with open arms and slowly begins to move their energy from fear to love. We see the potential in each young person, and we don’t give up until they’ve recognized it, too. Newport Academy staff will guide and mentor teens in recovery while reminding them that life can be beautiful and fun. Everyone is determined to reintroduce residents to themselves and cultivate a new sense of worth and purpose. I have a unyielding belief that each and every one of our kids is capable of change and able to live a meaningful life of purpose.”

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