Dallas, Alumni of Newport Academy

https://www.newportacademy.com/resources/mental-health/why-teens-benefit-from-creative-arts-therapy/ Dallas, an alumni of Newport Academy, found creative arts therapy to be extremely successful in healing her mental health issues while in residential treatment at Newport Academy.

Creative arts therapies—including music and visual art interventions—are proven to be effective for teens. They go beyond words. Furthermore, they go beyond the rational mind, tapping into our most authentic self. According to researcher Shirley Riley, “Adolescents, in particular, are attracted to making symbols and graphic depictions. Therefore, they are more attracted to using art as language than to verbal questioning.”

Creative arts therapy for Dallas might be crafting a collage that illustrates how she thinks the world sees her, and then a second collage showing how she sees herself. Dallas used creative arts therapy as a way to wordlessly connect and collaborate with other Newport Academy residents.

The creative experience produces a natural high for Dallas. Simply viewing art and listening to music stimulate the brain to release dopamine, the “pleasure chemical.” This is the same chemical that is triggered when we fall in love or when the brain is exposed to drugs.

Dallas believes that actively making art produces a creative flow. For Dallas, creating art is the key to her sustainable happiness and recovery from her teen mental health struggles. By doing art therapy activities, Dallas is able to be in the present moment and be freed from anxiety and depression.

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