Gina, Alumni of Newport Academy

Newport Academy is dedicated to supporting our alumni community. The gift of community is something Gina was seeking when she started treatment at Newport Academy. Residential treatment centers for teens offer a unique start to community building. This is especially key after teen treatment. As we grow, we look for friendships and relationships with others who are on the path of recovery. Hence, connections are hugely important. Newport Academy’s alumni program provided Gina with continued support and outreach. We take great care to keep our community connected.

Healing and the recovery process don’t end when treatment is over. Thus, having a community was crucial for Gina’s success. Our alumni events help maintain the bonds Gina created in treatment. They remind her of the value of authentic connections and of tending to and honoring one’s highest self.

The unconditional love and support that clients experience at Newport Academy continue when they leave us. As alumni of Newport Academy take the first courageous steps toward acclimating to a daily routine after treatment, we’re there for them—and we give them opportunities to be there for each other. Peer support is one of the top indicators for success in an adolescent’s recovery from mental health or substance use issues. And our alumni program serves as a solid foundation for creating that peer support.

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