Marty, Parent of Newport Academy Alumni

Marty is a parent of an alumni of Newport Academy, a teen treatment center with locations in California and Connecticut. Prior to enrolling her daughter in residential teen treatment, Marty suffered from constant worry and fear surrounding her daughter’s current state of mind and behavior. Many parents can relate to Marty’s story about struggling to connect with her teenager, and losing track of her own personal interests along the way.

As a result, Marty found the Newport Academy Family Therapy approach to be extremely helpful in not only her recovery with her daughter, but also her recovery within herself. This approach treats each individual as a necessary part of a greater whole. Our model of care recognizes that the family is a holistic system, naturally interconnected and interdependent. Each family member plays an integral part in the wellness of the entire family. When one is affected, all are affected. It is from this foundation that the Newport Academy Treatment Team develops each family’s individual treatment plan.

In our Residential Programs, parents are encouraged to participate in weekly family therapy with their child’s Family Therapist. A Multi-Family Therapy Program is offered every other Saturday, consisting of psychoeducation, process groups, workshops, and visitation.

While the therapeutic aspects of the Newport Academy program are incredibly important, we also encourage families to learn to simply have fun together. Through engaging in experiential activities, such as hiking, meditation, a ropes course, and yoga, Marty learned to connect with her daughter in new, healthier ways.

Placing the emphasis on joy and connection, we take great pride in our ability to bring families from discord to harmony, and establish trust and communication within the family. We ensured that happiness was a byproduct of treatment for Marty’s entire family.

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