Teen Rehab Center: Dr. Barbara Nosal, Chief Officer of Newport Academy


Dr. Barbara Nosal is a Licensed Marriage Family Therapist who has worked with adolescents and families in the field of mental health, teenage depression, and addiction treatment for more than 20 years. In addition to specializing in family systems, Dr. Nosal is trained in a wide variety of therapeutic modalities. These modalities include Dialectical Behavioral Therapy, trauma-focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, and Multidimensional Family Therapy.

By removing the stigma around mental health and substance abuse, Dr. Nosal and the other members of the Newport Academy Treatment Team are able to treat individuals using clinical and holistic modalities that enable emotional and personal growth. Dr. Nosal believes that Newport Academy’s team is passionate and invested in every resident who goes through treatment.

Newport Academy emphasizes the importance of family involvement in order to improve teen mental health and family dynamics. Upon admission, parents attend a Parent Orientation, where they are informed about weekly individual therapy, including Saturday programs and the Family Intensive Workshop. According to Dr. Nosal, understanding family dynamics allows our team to understand the underlying issues behind residents’ behaviors. Through conscious communication, group processing, and experiential modalities, each Newport Academy family is provided with a healing space to grow into new behaviors. As your teen progresses through the Newport Academy program, we provide exceptional care. The high staff-to-teen ratio makes it possible for Newport Academy to treat each teen as an individual and each family as unique. Our commitment to your family’s recovery is evident every step of the way.

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