Adventure Therapy: Gary Fedoroff, Counselor and Adventure Therapy Coordinator for Newport Academy

Gary Fedoroff used Adventure Threapy to help take teens out of their comfort zones while in residential treatment.

At Newport Academy, Adventure Therapy includes rock climbing, paddle boarding, surfing, hiking, ropes courses, and kayaking. While developing new skills, teens work through discomfort as they gain confidence and learn to have fun in recovery. Adventure Therapy uses exciting physical challenges in an outdoor setting to elicit personal transformation. Trained professionals, like Gary, facilitate all Adventure Therapy activities. This escape from the turmoil of day-to-day life can be especially therapeutic for adolescents recovering from substance abuse and mental health issues.

Adventure Therapy provides teens with a safe setting in which to practice decision-making and problem-solving as well as collaboration. Furthermore, they do this while discovering new strengths, building peer relationships, and finding a new, stronger sense of self.

With Adventure Therapy, kids also get the much-needed opportunity to be outside in the fresh air, near woods and water. Scientists have found that spending time in nature stimulates the nervous system’s relaxation response. Consequently, this leads to a slew of positive effects.

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