Mickey, Alumni of Newport Academy


Mickey, an alumni of Newport Academy, struggled with substance abuse as a result of teen depression. At Newport Academy, we were able to help Mickey cope with his feelings and behaviors by providing a safe and supportive environment in our teen residential program.

At Newport Academy, teens take part in experiential therapies, which include:


•Equine Therapy

•Fitness Activity

•Music Therapy

•Adventure Therapy


•Martial Arts Group

•Culinary Arts

•Community Service

•Photography Arts

•Art Therapy

Self-esteem plays a large role in teen depression. Mickey was able to boost his self-worth and overcome his substance abuse and physical isolation by using fitness as a means to acquire a sense of accomplishment. Through fitness activity, he was able to regain his sense of control over his life. He believes that having the ability to confront adversity makes him a better person and made him more willing to accept sobriety.

According to the National Institute of Mental Health, teens are alarmingly more susceptible to depression than adults, and 30 percent of these depressed teens develop a substance use disorder. At Newport Academy, we provide resources for teens to recover and find treatment. Newport Academy offers different types of therapies, such as Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Dialectical Behavioral Therapy, and Motivational Enhancement Therapy.

Unfortunately, teens don’t always seek help when feelings of depression occur, whether this is due to shame, embarrassment, or hopelessness. Parents can help their teen feel comfortable talking about these issues by having an open discussion and engaging with their teen in a positive manner. Teens will be more eager to accept help if they are reassured by positivity.

You can contact us at Newport Academy if you feel that your teen can benefit from mental health or residential treatment.

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