Newport Academy Day School Graduation Day, 2015

At Newport Academy, we provide a safe and supportive environment where teens find resources and academic opportunities to ensure not only their mental health, but their academic progress as well. We treat adolescents, ages 12 to 19, who are struggling with teenage depression, teenage anxiety, eating disorders, and teen trauma. Newport Academy is also committed to maintaining an abstinent environment for students to ensure full recovery.

At Newport Academy Day School, we provide: • An accredited curriculum designed to fit the needs of each student

• High staff-to-student ratio (1:5) for individualized attention and tutoring

• Daily process groups and recovery counseling

• SAT and ACT prep

• College application support

• Twice-weekly drug testing and ongoing monitoring of other self-destructive behaviors.

The Newport Academy faculty takes multiple factors into consideration when creating a student’s curriculum and academic class schedule. Academic subject matter and schedules vary for each student. For example, a student suffering from dyslexia or ADHD might complete his science, math, and geography courses in the morning, when he is focused and rested, and then attend English and art courses in the afternoon, while another student might have the opposite schedule. The Newport Academy teachers adjust academic course loads and subject matter in order to best accommodate students’ clinical needs and set them up for academic success.

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